Canine Vision Project

Gina Day, one of the authors of the study described in the poster/pdf, has made the following recommendations regarding evaluation of puppies for potential early takeoff (ETO) issues:

“I would recommend retinoscopy plus eye alignment tests such as the Hirshberg and Bruckner tests. After evaluating the temperament and physical conformation, I would want a puppy that has straight eyes and no myopia. There’s no guarantee, but it improves the odds for avoiding ETO. These tests are commonly used in pediatric eye exams. I would imagine that an agility handler could get a thorough but affordable vision evaluation by having a CERF for ocular health assessment [by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist], and then having retinoscopy and binocular alignment tests done by a developmental (pediatric) optometrist. These are the doctors who are most expert in retinoscopy, and they specialize in binocular vision.”