Developing Jumping Skills

Developing Jumping Skills

Clean Run Productions LLC

Author: Linda Mecklenburg
Paperback, Full Color
Length: 80 pages
Release Date: 2008

Price: $28.95


To be successful in the sport of agility, the dog must be a skillful jumper. There is no doubt that Linda has trained many talented jumping dogs. Through many years of observation and testing, she has developed an eye for proper jumping technique and how to achieve it. Linda developed this jumping program to help others lay a proper foundation for their dogs’ jumping skills. In Developing Jumping Skills, she provides a logical progression of jump training that is suitable for all dogs competing in agility. But this book is about even more than jumping; Linda increases your awareness of your dog’s natural responsiveness to your body language and the effect it has on his jumping. Throughout the program, she teaches you how to maintain consistency so that the skills learned will easily transition into a logical handling system that capitalizes on your dog’s innate responsiveness to your body language and that can ultimately be used to your advantage on course.

Rated 3.5 out of 4 paws in a May 2009 Dog World review.

Note: This book is a compilation of updated versions of Linda’s jumping articles that originally appeared in Clean Run magazine from January through September 2006. The book also includes an updated version of her jumping trajectory article from the Clean Run special focus issue on jumping as well as a previously unpublished article on leading legs.

About the Author
Linda Mecklenburg is one of the most accomplished agility trainers and instructors in the U.S. She and her students have achieved the highest levels of success in dog agility. Linda has represented the U.S. in international competition on 12 different occasions with four different dogs. She has earned gold and silver medals at the prestigious FCI Agility World Championships, in addition to earning multiple top-ten individual placements at that event with two different dogs. At her Awesome Paws training facility and through video consultation, she helps students solve a wide range of jumping problems and shows them how their handling influences their dogs’ jumping ability.