Intro to Handling in Agility DVD
Intro to Handling DVDA must-see for all agility competitors, this DVD is an actual seminar presented by Linda Mecklenburg at the Clean Run training facility several years ago.
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Price: $68.95
Handling Common Sequences in Agility DVD
Handling Common SequencesThis DVD contains demonstrations of Linda Mecklenburg and one of her dogs performing common sequences in agility as described in Chapter 6 of her highly acclaimed agility handling book, Developing Handling Skills.
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Price: $49.95
Balancing Cues in Agility DVD

   Balancing Cues DVDYour ability to communicate with your dog and guide him through a course depends on your understanding of how to balance the six basic agility cues—motion, shoulders, location, arm/hand signals, verbal cues, and eyes—described in Linda Mecklenburg’s highly acclaimed book Developing Handling Skills. For a full description click here
Price: $84.95