Early Takeoffs: Breeding Concerns


Breeding Concerns

Early Takeoffs in Dog Jumping

Linda Mecklenburg DVM

December 2011

There is not ONE single reason why dogs take off early when jumping. As stated in my 2011 Update on Early Takeoffs article, I believe early takeoffs are caused by a vision problem and fall into three categories: 1) those caused by detectable lesions in the eye (cerf abnormal), 2) those caused by refraction problems (retinoscopy abnormal), and 3) those for which all tests are normal (these dogs seem to be the most likely to have the symptoms associated with “classic” ETS and relatives with the problem). Early takeoffs are not a “trait”. Early takeoffs are the result of the vision problem. However, evidence suggests that whatever causes the vision problem is most likely heritable in some way.

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Breeding Concerns: Early Takeoffs In Jumping