2004 September Come To Heel Updates

The following are comments on the figures found in Using Heel Position in Dog Agility Part 3 Clean Run Sept 2004, reflecting some of the changes since 2004 and why.

Figure 1
No changes. These are still unacceptable recalls to heel.

Figures 2 & 3
Today I realize that my location and perceived deceleration is naturally cueing my dog to turn and I do not try to override that with a trained skill. If I want my location to cue my dog to a turn, I don’t train him to respond otherwise for other situations.

Figure 4
Today I would never recall my dog to heel after jump 1. I would take off running to the left as my dog approached jump 1 and the recall to heel would actually happen over jump 2

Figure 5
Today I would be fairer to my dog and provide him with a line of motion that he could read and predict that we were going left after jump 1.

Figure 6
The captions on these diagrams seem to be in error to start with. In A, today I would not ask my dog to turn like this…I would be running away from him using motion to cue the turn not standing still. And, I would realize that I am cueing extension. Just ignore B,C. In D, today I do not ask my dog to recall to heel on the flat as a handling skill. I will do it in training to help improve my dog’s use of his rear end.

Figure 7
No changes

Figure 8
A I didn’t do this is 2004 and still don’t except perhaps on rare occasion if there is an obstacle ahead of my dog that my motion supports

B Today I use a lateral send on the first jump to cue the turn and to get ahead of my dog on the landing side of 2

C & D Today I cue the wrap going into the threadle so that I don’t have to worry about recalling to heel between obstacles. Today I would not call my dog to heel my dog past obstacles.

Figure 9
A My dog my not have understood my collection cues.

B & C No changes