Automatic Link Retrieval

Automatic Update/Fresh Download Link(s) Request

The automatic request option allows you to verify the purchase details automatically using your purchase email, and upon verification, the system sends you an email with the download links for the latest version of the products that you purchased.

Please use this form for requesting fresh download links only. If you enter the purchase email correctly you will get an automatic email which will contain links for all of the products that you purchased. By default the registered email address is the email address you originally used to make your purchase.

NOTE: Once you get your link in the email, use that link to get to the video page on the website.  THAT page you will then want to bookmark.  The link in your email will only work once, so be sure to open it on the device where you intend to bookmark the video page.

The email is sent out instantly but it may take a few minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox (it is a good idea to check your junk mail folder too).

Enter your email address